Below is a list of available Psionic Powers and how to ‘buy’ them during character creation.

You may purchase Stunts two ways:

  • A Psionic Talent at base level (+0) useable with any Approach, or
  • A Psionic Talent at a Fair level (+2) useable with only One Approach

You may only begin with One Psionic Talent, gaining more with an equal reduction in FATE points and Refresh. The other Two Stunts will usually be Skill or combat related.

Psionic Talents come in Two catagories: -Kinetic or -Pathic:

  • Telekinesis: Lifting objects, deflecting physical attacks, fly, fine manipulation, grapple of mental force
  • Pyrokinesis: Thermal vision, resist fire, ignite flammables, extinguish heat & fire, shape heat signature
  • Cryokinesis: Sub-zero frost, ice objects, place objects in stasis, thermal cloak
  • Electrokinesis: Static shock, ball lightning, charge battery or device, boost reflexes
  • Photokinesis: Laser light, holographic images, blinding flash, darkness, UV/IR vision
  • Biokinesis: Sense bio signature, environmental adaptation, mimic faces, chameleon
  • Vitakinesis: Adrenal boost, bio-stasis, healing factor, sense life force condition, move organs, anatomical separation
  • Voxkinesis: Warbler effect, duplicate voice, sonic blast, hush field, sonar sense
  • Technokinesis: On/off switch, download packets, merge with device or vehicle, network sense, blueprint vision
  • Telepathy: Send and receive message, combat link, share skill, block intrusion
  • Empathy Passion, dull reaction, phobia insertion, emphatic sense
  • Neuropathy: Pure psychic assault, sensory disruption, paralysis
  • Hypnopathy: Suggestion, illusion, motivation, domination
  • Mneumopathy: Copy, edit, read, erase and paste memories and personalities
  • Antipathy: Active nullification and negation of all other psionic talents
  • Xenopathy: Feral mind, animal instincts, “talk” with plantand animal life, merge with flora and fauna
  • Esperpathy: Hyper-mono-sense, astral projection, zen awareness, object marking, combat sense
  • Chronopathy: Post- and pre-cognition, danger sense, acceleration or deceleration of time awareness


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