Character Creation

The following Approaches are used:
Fight, Run, Sneak, Sense, Rig and Coax

Use the following array for Stats:
3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 0

Physical Stress is 1+Fight, Run or Sneak
Mental Stress is 1+Sense, Rig or Coax

Using any Psionic Talent required spending Mental Stress. You may continue to use you Psionic Talents by accruing Conditional levels

Expending all of your Mental Stress will make you vulnerable to detection by the ’Thulite forces that monitor for psionic activity. That level of investigation is equal to the Condition level you have placed yourself.

Buying Weapons & Armor requires spending a Stunt on Extras:
Each Stunt gives you a Weapon or Armor of 2 Value. You may buy a Weapon and Armor at a Value of 1 with just one Stunt. More powerful Weapons and Armor can be purchased and stacked

Character Creation

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