" It is with a heavy heart that I must address this nation. But the truth is all but evident. Cthulhu has risen. This is no longer a fantasy but a nightmare. We will continue to fight; with the world united in arms. Let loose the wrath of humanity, for our will is infinite. Thank you. Good luck. And may God have mercy on our souls." -Secretary of Transportation before taking the oath of office to become President of the United States, 1947.


Atomic and nuclear testing has unleashed the horror known as Cthulhu. This monstrous demon has risen from the depths of the ocean with a legion of beasts that have ravaged the civilized world.

70 Years have passed. Insanity is rampant. An underground resistance continues to fight. Loyalists work for these alien masters. Common folk carry needles to self-lobotomize instead of being a victim of daily “harvest” gangs.

You are the Phoenix. A unique side effect of generations of mental instability. You are psionic. Will you use your gifts to fight these omnipresent overlords, survive alone in shadowed corners or serve these demons from the deep?


Phoenix Rising (a Post-Apocalyptic Cthulhu Setting)